“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan



We all know the benefits of fun team building activities, like increased productivity, better performance, higher morale, and a sense of team spirit. But not all team building games are equal or offer the same bonding experience.

Icebreakers are awkward, communication games just get you tangled in red string, and not everyone is up for running through the woods.

If you’re looking for a true challenge outside the office that will energize your corporate team and shed light on your team members’ strengths and thought process, JUST SAY NO TO BORING TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES!



“For the past two summers, Citrix has taken our Fort Lauderdale interns to Think Escape Games as a team building activity. They absolutely enjoy it! It’s a great way for everyone to learn how to communicate with each other, solve problems under pressure in a fun environment, and all while meeting others on their team.”
-Faby Moreau, Recruiting Coordinator, University Relations Representative at Citrix



With escape room games, in just 60  minutes, you will discover both strengths and growth opportunities for your corporate team. Through team building escape games, each of our custom designed escape rooms present a series of clues and puzzles.

Unexpected doors will open, locks will activate, and your team will have to work against the clock to piece it all together and escape. Oh, and don’t worry, our games aren’t scary, just scary fun and so addicting you will find your team wanting more! Each piece of the escape games puzzle is designed to help you think as a team and work toward a common goal.


“We specialize in team-building experiences, but with a thrill that really, really invigorates people and gets their creative problem-solving skills flowing.”  –Greg Kormendi, Co-Founder of Think Escape Games


Just like the everyday work environment, escape room games require a different kind of thinking, decision making skills, and teamwork under the pressure of a deadline.


Every member of your team brings a unique skill set to the table. Understanding each other’s strengths and what each member of the team contributes will ensure ultimate efficiency and productivity. Live escape games shed light on communication styles and natural leadership skills. After your team completes your game at THINK Escape Games, you have the option to debrief with a certified team building coach, Dr. Jené Kapela. Dr. Kapela is President and Founder of Kapela Leadership Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in leadership training and organizational effectiveness. Through a realistic approach to leadership development, Jené provides individuals with the tools to leverage their natural talents to become strong leaders. This results in happier, more successful people, able to contribute their highest potential to the organizations where they work.

Through Kapela Leadership Solutions, Jené works with companies on leadership training and employee engagement, coaching and consulting, strategic planning, and new employee training and orientation curriculum design, as well as developing and facilitating board retreats. Jené has been successful working with a broad range of industries.

A certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs) practitioner and strengths educator, Jené has been quoted as an expert by Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, Monster, Business News Daily, Women’s Day, and more. Along with her passion for leadership development, Jené is also passionate about community involvement and is very active in the South Florida community.

Dr. Jené Kapela will be on-site to observe your team as you all work to escape in 60 minutes or less, and then provide valuable feedback and insight on how team members interact with each other to accomplish the task at hand. To request a 30 or 60 minute session with her after your game, please call us at (954) 233-2663.


How many people can play?

We have 3 rooms available – each room can hold as few as 4 people and as many as 16-20 people.

How many rooms can we choose from?

We have a total of 3 rooms: The Shady Tavern, The Study and Laboratory 51.

Are any of the rooms similar?

No, all of our rooms are custom designed. We are not a franchise so each escape room offers a unique storyline and one you will not find anywhere else.

Can we book more than one session?

Yes! Simply go to our online booking page and book as many sessions as you’d like!

Is catering available?

We don’t have catering on-site but for an additional fee (depending on your budget) we can arrange it. You are also permitted to have food delivered to THINK Escape Games, just let us know in advance.

What are some ideas for planning our corporate team building at THINK Escape Games?
  • Create an inter-departmental corporate challenge to see which team can escape in the shortest amount of time.
  • Bring lunch, dinner or snacks for your team to enjoy before or between the games.
  • Use this opportunity to conduct before/after surveys to find out how your team self-evaluates before and after the games.
  • Award “Best Of” titles to all of your team members.

Have questions? Call (954) 233-2663 to plan your team building day.



Time Management

Team Work


Increases Brain Synapsis

Increases Team Synergy

Offers a Competitive Environment


In-depth Theme and Rich Game Play

Location specializes in large groups

Catering available upon request